Volusia Half Mile I Volusia Speedway Park 17 Jul
Volusia Half Mile II Volusia Speedway Park 18 Jul
Indy Mile I Indiana State Fairgrounds 21 Aug
Indy Mile II Indiana State Fairgrounds 22 Aug
Springfield ST Illinois State Fairgrounds Racetrack 04 Sep
Springfield Mile I Illinois State Fairgrounds Racetrack 05 Sep
Springfield Mile II Illinois State Fairgrounds Racetrack 06 Sep
Williams Grove Half Mile I Williams Grove Speedway 11 Sep
Williams Grove Half Mile II Williams Grove Speedway 12 Sep
Dallas Half Mile I Devil's Bowl Speedway 25 Sep
Dallas Half Mile II Devil's Bowl Speedway 26 Sep
Atlanta Short Track I Dixie Speedway 02 Oct
Atlanta Short Track II Dixie Speedway 03 Oct
Charlotte Half Mile I Charlotte Motor Speedway 09 Oct
Charlotte Half Mile II Charlotte Motor Speedway 10 Oct
AFT Season Finale I Daytona International Speedway 16 Oct
AFT Season Finale II Daytona International Speedway 17 Oct

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