If you love motorsport, you'll love Rushsync.


Hi! I'm David and I have been a huge motorsport fan ever since my father took me to the first ever Australian Grand Prix at the wonderful Adelaide Street Circuit way back in 1985. This was the time of Prost, Mansell and Senna. The time of 1000 bhp qualifying engines. The time of JPS Lotuses and Murray Walker.

I was hooked for life.

The world of motorsport is not just Formula One, though. Over the next thirty years I discovered so much great racing to watch — on two as well as four wheels: MotoGP, touring cars, Superbikes, World Rally Championship, GT racing, NASCAR, Motocross, IndyCar.

But how do you keep track of it all? How do you remember what is on this weekend? How do you make sure you don’t ever miss a race?

This was the problem I faced and that is why in 2012 I built the first prototype of what was to become Rushsync.

A single place where you can select all the motorsport you love and have all the dates and times automatically synced to your calendar.

Since then, thousands of motorsport fans like you have synced their calendars with Rushsync.

Our goal at Rushsync is to make it super easy for you to follow all the racing you love and also maybe help you discover something new.

Want to follow NASCAR or Rallycross or the 24 Hours of Le Mans or the Isle of Man TT? Just add them to your calendar and you'll always know when to tune in.

#lovemotorsport — never miss a race.